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5 Ways To Deal With Gambling Debt

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Gambling debt has become a big problem in the society. It causes financial hardship, anxiety, and heartache to those affected by it. You may be reading this as a concerned party, or perhaps a run of bad luck has seen you eat further and further into your overdraft or racking up hefty credit card bills. […]

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Crowdsourcing Can Help You Earn More

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Crowdsourcing and crowdworking

The word ‘crowdsourcing’ defines itself. It’s all about the outsourcing of work to a crowd of people who would do it for you because you are unable to do it yourself. That’s as simple as you can get. The outsourced work is usually paid work, but sometimes the services are provided for free.

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Bad Credit Is Not So Bad

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Working as a financial adviser can be both frustrating and illuminating. You get the two ends of the economic human spectrum. The person who has a reasonable amount of money and is looking to invest. The person who is continually in debt and barely makes it from payday to payday.