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18 Smartest Ways To Spend Your 2018 Tax Refund

2018 Tax Refund

So you received a hefty tax refund this year, and now you’re wondering how you’re going to spend it! It may seem both exciting and fun to spend your chunk of money willy-nilly. But we suggest you think twice before spending or saving it.

You should make the earned and deserved 2018 tax refund work for you.

Book an Experience for Yourself

Whether it is flying in a hot air balloon, riding a horse for the first time, bungee jumping, or wine degustation, an experience will open new horizons for you. Although the marginal utility of such spending seems low, it will boost your enthusiasm level for sure.

Spend it on Necessities

Have you been postponing important dental work? Do you need a new computer? Maybe you need some new clothing? Now would be a great time to put this extra money to use, as these expenses won’t be draining your regular budget.

Donate to Your Favourite Charitable Cause

Contributing to charity provides a huge social benefit aside from the general good feeling of giving back. It is an excellent use of extra funds. Although the returns on your investment may not be as immediate or measurable as investing in the financial markets, giving to charity will benefit your community in a significant way, and you can also claim the tax deduction.

Start a College Fund for Your Kids

Investing in your children’s education can be a truly fulfilling experience. Save your tax refund in a 529 college savings plan or an Education Savings Account. You will be able to assist your children with their future education plans.

Refinance Your Mortgage

Refinancing your mortgage can result in significant monthly savings. You usually need to have a bigger sum of money to get a lower rate you are hoping for. Your tax refund could provide the necessary resources for that.

Pay Off Debt

Paying down high debt is on top of the list of smart ways to spend your tax refund. You’re reducing interest and improving your credit rating by paying off credit card debt. It is a far smarter route to go than even investing in the stock market.

Get a Gym Membership

Most gyms offer fantastic deals for new members who are ready to pay up front for at least one year. Both your wallet and your waistline will appreciate the favor of a gym membership. Just
make sure to find a gym that fits your workout style and has a reasonable refund/cancellation policy.

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Projects that improve your home’s efficiency in the long term are well-worth the financial investment. Solar panels, new roofs, and better insulation are just the beginning in ways to improve the value of your home and start saving thousands each year on energy bills. An bonus is that these improvements can also extend the lifespan of your home.

Create a Will

There is nothing enjoyable about planning for your death, but it is important to do so. Leaving children/loved ones behind with no legal guardian or financial security is any parent’s nightmare. If you have loved ones and don’t have a will, it should be your next financial priority.

Adopt a Pet

If you like animals, there is no better time to adopt a pet than with your tax refund. Pet ownership has multiple benefits:
– Improving your mood.
– Stress reduction.
– Blood pressure control.
– Social support.
– Encouraging exercise.
– Staving off loneliness.
– Providing unconditional love.

Invest in Real Estate

Have you ever thought about investing in real estate? Perhaps you can finally find your dream home, a rental property or just an upgrade to a better-suited space for your family.

Save for Retirement

To retire comfortably, you will need enough money saved to generate 80% of your pre-retirement income. That being said it is never too early to start saving for retirement, and there is no better time to tuck money away than into your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) than when you get your tax refund.

Create or Increase Your Emergency Fund

broken car The general recommendation is to have six to eight months worth of expenses saved in an easily accessible interest-bearing account. An emergency fund will help to cover the unexpected expenses if such occur.

Grow Your Own Garden

If you have a green thumb, try to build a garden. Growing your food is a great stress reducer! You will also have substantial savings at the grocery store by harvesting your vegetables.

Get Some Life Insurance

If you have children or own a home, then you should have a life insurance that will cover 8-10 times your annual income. Life insurance is very situation-specific though. Make sure to take the time to thoroughly educate yourself on how much life insurance is right for you.

Make An Extra Student Loan Payment

Just like credit cards, one of the best strategies to paying off student loans faster is to make an extra student loan payment. It makes sense to use all or a portion of your tax refund to make a lump sum student loan repayment. Contact your student loan lender in writing and explain to them that you need to make a one-time payment toward your student loan principal (not to next month’s regular monthly payment). The more you can chip away at your student loan principal, the more you will save in long-term interest.

Invest in Yourself

Take a class at a local college, university, educational school, or enroll in a certification course that you’ve always wanted. You could learn about cooking, pottery or even real estate investment. By investing in yourself, you can increase the market value of your worth.

Seed a Growing Business or Start-Up Company

Ever dreamed of starting your restaurant, company, online business or store? Follow your passion or invest in a friend by seeding a startup or growing business. It can also be a great
return on investment in multiple ways.

And Here is a Bonus: Buy a Lottery Ticket or Make a Bet

Well, that is not smart, but everyone needs to do something silly sometimes. Just keep it under control. Do that only once, even if you win the jackpot. And, please, don’t tell anyone we suggested that.

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