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Best Ways To Make Money Using Your Phone In 2019

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How often do you spend time on your Smartphone on social media? Chatting or even taking pictures? If you spend more than three hours per day on the phone, then you have an excellent chance to earn with it.

There are multiple awesome mobile Apps that you can rely on to get some extra dollars. They pay you for the simple things that you do on the phone. Hence you won’t have to strain or do an extra bunch of activities, or even spamming your friends. For instance; there are phone games that you can participate in and get paid, carry out online surveys and much more. It’s easy!

Without further ado, let’s dive in these sure ways which you can actually use to make money online with your Smartphone.

1. Get Paid To Test Apps

Thousands of Apps hit the Appstore every single day. From emojis to games, these programs are currently flooding in the market. What many people still don’t know is that most of these are required to test the apps before they get officially accepted in the Appstore. They spent millions of cash to come up with the apps and so they would do anything to make sure that the apps are approved and accepted.

To achieve this, they select people and pay them to test the Apps; you can, therefore, make money using your tablet by testing these Apps. All that you need to do is to select the App that you want to use, play or use for around 15 minutes then leave a review of how you have it.

2. Watch Online Videos

It’s quite often and easy to waste time mindlessly on your Smartphone scrolling through social media and surfing the web. Why not use that time to earn some extra cash through online videos?

There are several apps which award the users who watch their ads. In most cases, they reward you inform of points, which you can later redeem them for different payouts which include cash or gift card.

Below are popular Apps which can help you in this:

  • Swagbucks
  • CashPirate
  • Fronto

3. Earn Through Shopping

Everyone shops. We all purchase new clothes, shampoos, groceries, and other stuff, right? One good thing about Smartphones is that they have introduced mobile apps which you can use to get the items in your shopping list. So how is this done?

It’s simple; the apps give you a few simple tasks to complete which are directly related to your favorite goods or products. After that, you go for the actual shopping and then take a picture of the receipt.

You keep adding points every time you do that, and within no time, your points are many such that you can redeem them as gifts or cash. The following apps can help you to shop online:

  • Shopkick
  • Receipt Hog
  • Ibotta

4. Selling The Items, You Don’t Use

You probably have two or more things lying on the ground that no longer interests or you don’t use anymore. To get rid of them, you can take their pictures using your Smartphone and then post them online.

In the modern world, it’s no longer hard to sell your stuff online plus there are many online selling sites. So don’t mess with confusing settings; get a fancy camera and set up a beautiful background. Here are a handful of helpful apps that you can use to get money by selling unwanted goods:

  • Poshmark
  • Depop
  • Lergo
  • eBay

5. Earn By Taking Pictures With Your Smartphone

If you can capture pretty beautiful images with your phone, then use that opportunity to earn some extra dollars. There are many companies paying people to get their photos. All the photos you see in Google, Microsoft or Apple, are bought from people like me and you. The random websites on the internet also purchase photos.

So start today, take pictures in the morning when the weather is still calm, and take during when it’s sunny. Take pictures when you are on the beach or whatever place with an exciting background. You can earn up to $2.00 per photo, and this is far much better than just chatting with your friends aimlessly. You can submit your photos to photography jobs online, among other sites.

6. Become A Manager At Social Media

Nowadays, many companies have realized that social media is the future of marketing. For this reason, they are scrambling to develop their pages by hiring people to do the marketing on their behalf.

They can give you a task, for instance, on Instagram and then pay up to $150 per week. It might not sound much, but if you combine more than three companies, you can start getting serious cash. In fact, some people quit their jobs to engage in these activities.

7. Micro Investing

Unlike the other activities, micro investing  allows you to keep small amounts of money. This is a type of investment which you cannot get in most financial institutions. Most brokerage firms would laugh at you when you invest as little as $30, and that’s why you should do it alone with your Smartphone. There are many micro investing apps in the Appstore, including Acorns and Roundups.

8. Playing Online Games

If playing game phones is your thing, then double the fun by earning while still playing. Most of these online games are legit and allow the players to win fairly; the most common app which you cause is the Qriket. Here, you only need to spin the wheel then earn some cash. If you don’t win, you are still given a chance to turn numerous times again.

Whether it’s shopping, playing games, or investing, there are many activities which can earn you money while using your Smartphone. You might not get rich through these activities, but you will save a few dollars. This will be more productive than merely getting online to count on people Facebook posts! Apply any, or all of them and your days will be productive.

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