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Procrastination – Waiting An Eternity For Financial Freedom

Typical procrastinator

Many opportunities may come a person’s way, and some of them may lead to financial freedom. But missing opportunities, because one puts off until tomorrow what can be done today, usually results in the action being put off until the next day, the next day, and never.

For example, maybe attending a business venture meeting might be a good financial move, but an individual puts off attending until next year, and by then that opportunity has passed.

Your Finances and Procrastination

You can call procrastination a disease, just like the flu, or a cold. It affects about 90% of the world’s population. No prescription from a doctor can fix it. It’s up to the individual to eliminate it, and that comes when they decide they have had enough. People choose to take action when they finally realize that financial institutions have cost them a lot of money. Sometimes, this realization comes too late.

Procrastination and your Credit Rating

There’s no glamour in paying bills, but a responsible person makes sure that they pay their bills on time. A procrastinator will put this task off until the last minute which may be too late, allowing it to get to the point where due notices are sent out. It’s not really about having the funds to pay. Putting off something unpleasant is a right way to affect your credit rating. Bad credit can mean higher interest rates and even declined loan applications. Just do it!

The funny thing about paying bills late is that according to a financial advisory firm, late payment fees on Credit Cards in 2013 in the US totaled $12 billion. Think about it. That’s $12 billion built on sheer laziness in most instances!

Be Aware of the System

You are entitled to financial freedom, but it doesn’t just arrive on the next bus. But gaining economic freedom means you can’t waste time by putting things off. People are losing their chance at financial independence, and they sometimes are not even aware of it. Banks, lenders, other financial institutions, accountants, and planners are busy trying to get your money. Be it through fees or late payment charges, the latter being your fault.

You have to work to protect your finances. Putting things off, and procrastinating, will always transfer your financial liberties to someone else. When they sense that you don’t know what you’re doing, they will take advantage of you. Conversely, if they can see that you know what you are doing, then they will leave you alone.

Procrastination and your Job

Man lost his jobBeing a habitual procrastinator can even cost you your job. For example, if you continually put off writing that monthly report, waiting until the last minute, it can mean frustration from your boss and a quick, poorly written statement by you. If you give a task the right amount of energy, the chances are that you have made time to prepare it and given a better effort. Not procrastinating and being consistently punctual, and providing quality work as a result, it can lead to promotion.

3 Simple Steps to Beat the Procrastination Disease

To get more stuff done during the day and beat procrastination, here’s a simple three-step process.
It will help you stop feeling guilty when you go to bed thinking you haven’t done anything that day. No more waking up thinking about that huge pile of stuff waiting to be done, and not even knowing where to start.

Forget About Time Management

You have heard of the term “time management”. But that concept is a misnomer. How can you manage time? Time is constant. It’s the same for everyone. All you can handle is what you can do within a specified period.
This may sound like semantics, or a words play, but if you understand the subtle difference, it can have a significant impact on how you decide to do things on a daily basis to get things done. This is not the only solution to killing off procrastination, but it’s a simple one. It might be a little easier for people who get distracted before completing a task.

Here’s the three-step system:

  1. Make a list of the things you want to do.
  2. Estimate the time it will take you to do each task.
  3. Select a task, start a timer, remain focused until that job is done, or when the time is up.

These steps can be written much longer, but in this instance, let’s keep it silly simple.
Try it. Try it more than one time too, and don’t give up. Do it a few times a day.
It’s going to be hard at first. But by sticking to these steps, it’s going to help you develop a habit of focus and as a result, be more efficient getting through your list of jobs. You certainly won’t be procrastinating as much.

2 thoughts on “Procrastination – Waiting An Eternity For Financial Freedom

  1. We cannot choose our parents. It is not our fault if we born in a poor family but to die poor is an another story. So start your journey now from being financially handicapped to financially able and independent by following the suggestions that were mentioned above.

  2. Procrastination is the enemy of success. Without strong mind, without enough determination and discipline, it is very hard to conquer procrastination. By following the suggestions above, we can something able to beat procrastination and started to take action for our future, for our financial freedom.

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