Debra Ray – Principle CEO

Photo of the 12M Principle CEO Debra Ray

Biographical Note


Debra Ray is an exceptional business leader here at 12M Loans. She studied at California State University and received numerous accolades, such as a Bachelor of Science as well as achievements in International Business and International Business Finance. She graduated from California State University in 2006 and set to become a specialized financial expert in the lending industry.

Before Debra created 12M Loans, where she assembled a team of real professionals, she had worked at Platinum Mortgage Company. She had started as a customer service agent and worked her way up to become a Sr. Loan Officer.

Debra Ray is now the respectable Principle CEO of 12M Loans with more than 14 years of experience in the Financial Insurance Industry. She caters to the ongoing development and improvement of 12M Loans to ensure all clients are presented with quality services from the company.