How it works

12M Loans is an online platform that connects consumers with short-term or long-term loan lenders when unexpected financial emergencies arise. We can successfully find a lender for most of our clients. Usually, these small online loans can be available to people regardless of their credit history. Even those who have no credit or bad credit may have access to funds they need!

Steps of Getting a Loan Online with 12M Loans

Apply Online

Fill out the loan application form

Get a Loan Offer

From one of our direct lenders

Get Your Loan!

Sign the contract to get cash fast

Repay the Loan

In one or several payments

Complete our secure online form. Fast and Free!

The loan application at 12M Loans takes about two minutes and it’s free! The form is completely protected with top-notch security software. We only ask for the details we need to find you a lender in our network. Once the details are submitted, they are forwarded to one of the reputable lenders for review and approval.

No-obligation offer

One of our lenders will send you an offer that suits your requirements and details in a matter of minutes. There is no obligation to accept any offer, so if the offer you receive is not satisfactory, you can simply reject it, and it will cost you nothing!

Getting your cash

After getting the loan offer that suits your financial needs, go through the details of your loan agreement. Then, the lender will ask you to provide your electronic signature in order to enter into a contract. Once this step has been completed, your lender will deposit the loan amount for which you were approved into your checking account in one business day.

Repaying your loan

Our lenders made the loan repayment process incredibly simple. With direct withdrawal option, the repayment is done electronically on its due date. All you have to do is to ensure that the repayment amount is available for withdrawal on the scheduled date. You do not have to mail any checks or money orders or visit a retail location. This paperless process also helps to reduce the likelihood of late payments.

Online loans requirements

Qualifying for an online loan is simpler and easier than qualifying for other forms of consumer credit. These are the basic requirements:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Live and work in the USA
  • Be employed or have any other stable and verifyible source of income
  • Have an active bank account
  • Have an email and working telephone number

Your credit history is not a problem with 12M Loans!

Even though the lenders that partner with us perform credit checks, individuals with imperfect credit or no credit may qualify for loans. In many cases, lenders perform alternative or soft pull credit checks. Such verifications help to ensure that you are not currently in bankruptcy and that you do not have outstanding loans with other lenders. Soft pulls do not affect your credit score and have no impact on credit history. We have connected hundreds of consumers with lenders and are dedicated to helping you get the funds you need when you need them most.

Maximize your benefits from online loans from 12M Loans!

In order to get the benefits associated with short-term loans, it is important for you to repay your loan on time. This will help you avoid potentially high late fees and build better relationships with your lender. Always ensure that you have the funds available to repay your loan before you request one. Contact the lender immediately to discuss the available options if you are unable to make payments on time.

How We Can Help

12M Loans is always available to answer your questions about this website, our services and online loans in general. We strive to provide you with outstanding customer support and will answer your inquiries as quickly as possible. If you have issues with any particular loan deal with one of our lenders, please, contact that lender directly. 12M Loans is not authorized to have details regarding any loan agreement you have entered.