Loans without credit check. Facts and Alternatives.

Sometimes budgeting mistakes mean that we are a little short of money and can’t make it through until our next payday. And a loan can be an absolute life-saving tool when used correctly. Is it worth considering no credit check loans as an option? We don't think so!

No credit check loans Good News! At 12M Loans, it is essential to make sure that all lending is affordable, and this is why ALL our lenders will check credit backgrounds of applicants. Most of them perform a soft credit check via alternative data systems. In rare cases, lenders may use three major credit bureaus like Experian, Equifax, and Transunion. Some lenders are so big and well established, that they use their own in-house credit scoring systems. We don't offer "no credit check loans" to our customers.

No credit check or soft credit check?

Whichever route your connected lender goes down it is important that you realize that there is no such thing as a no credit check loan. There are, however soft credit score loans that some loan companies advertise as no credit check loans. Read on to find out more if loans without credit checks is a problem and why you should stay away from such companies.

Types of Credit Check

As mentioned there is no such thing as a loan with no credit check. There are 2 types of credit check.
Solution! Soft Credit Check – This leaves no mark on borrower's credit history. The lender goes in and checks the creditworthiness of the borrower without leaving a trace of them having been there. This means other lenders won’t be able to see the activity and will treat your file with a fresh pair of eyes. 12M Loans offers online loans provided by "soft check lenders" where ever possible!

Option! Hard Credit Check – The lender will score you using one of 3 credit bureaus, and this leaves a note (footprint) on the credit report to show you have been searched by that lender. If other lenders see that mark, they will assume that the application was likely declined, and this can have a negative impact on your overall score. Every hard check may lower your FICO credit score from 5 to 25 points!

Danger! No credit check – The lender doesn't check the creditworthiness of the borrower. Usually, these are untrusted, unregulated, unreliable predatory lenders. The main goal of such "companies" is to give a small amount of money at very high rates and abnormal conditions to get the borrower into a debt trap!

There are now many online payday loans lenders that do soft credit checks. It is becoming a more widely used and acceptable practice within the industry. Payday loan lenders and short-term finance solution lenders operate online without hard credit scoring applicants. We specialize in offering loans from companies that don’t have a potentially negative impact on your credit score.

Your Safety & Benefits When Borrowing Online with 12M Loans

We only use approved, authorized and compliant lenders. If any lender overtly offers a loan without a credit check, you must immediately assume it to be a scam. We recommend only dealing with reputable companies, like 12M Loans, to obtain your loan. This will save you from financial hardship in the long run.

We use a wide range of very reputable online lenders to find you the perfect loan. Their main goal is to provide affordable loan conditions for borrowers with low credit rating. Loan amounts are ranging from $100 to $5,000 and even $10,000! The online loan application is fully automated and secure which means that your information is kept only for the purpose of obtaining the loan. The repayment process is very flexible and personalized. Payback the loan in one single lump, or in several installment payments from 2 to 60 months!

Our network of lenders use soft credit check, so you have a higher chance of acceptance with us than anywhere else. This is the same for both bad, poor, and no credit customers. We love getting acceptance for our clients, and using our streamlined application process gets you fast answers and results.

  • Faster Applications – Our fully automated online loan applications and dedicated loan processing team make our applications super speedy.
  • Transparent Throughout – You are in the driver’s seat, knowing what is happening throughout the process. There are no hidden charges and fees with us.
  • Quick Decisions – Once applied for, we know which lender to place the loan with, and we can get you a decision quicker than other providers.
  • On Hand Support – We are only a click away from assisting you with your loan application or any other questions about online loans.
  • Trusted Lenders – All of our lenders are accredited and regulated. We don’t go near companies that we can’t verify as reputable or lenders that offer loans with no credit check.

Loan benefits

  • The Decision is With You – We hate hard sales tactics, we would never ever want you to feel pressurized into taking an online loan. If it is right for you then great, if not, no problem, we will speak to you when you next need our help!
  • Secure and Safe – All data is held in the strictest confidence and only shared with the sole purpose of obtaining a loan.
  • Faster Funding – Some lenders or brokers may delay funding. Our lenders will send you money directly to your bank account as fast as possible!
  • Loan Agreements – We make sure the loan agreement is supplied to you before you accept, which is standard practice. There are no unusual clauses with our lenders.
  • Bad Credit Finance – We scour our nationwide network to place the business, so even bad credit candidates get loans with us!

What are you waiting for? It is clear we stand head and shoulders above our competition. Apply for your loan now and tell us what you need.

Online Loans Without Hard Credit Check! Apply Now!

Financial Implications
Residents of some states may not be eligible for online loans with no traditional credit check. 12M Loans does not make any credit decisions and does not guarantee any loan approval. Participating lenders may perform soft credit checks typically through alternative providers to determine creditworthiness and your ability to repay the loan. The short-term online payday loan is not a long-term financial product. Late or missing payments, as well as non-payment, may result in extra fees or collection activities! Each direct lender has its own terms and conditions. Loan extension may not be available; please check lender’s renewal policy first.