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Reasons Leading to Loan Rejection

There are a couple of possible reasons why a lender might reject a loan application like those linked to the applicant's income, credit history or other credit obligations.

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Does A Loan Rejection Impact Your Credit Score?

While the loan rejections don't impact the credit score directly, too many loan applications done in a short period of time will be reflected in the credit history.

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Whom To Ask Why Was Your Loan Rejected?

Several reasons can lead to loan rejection. While receiving a denial merely depends on lender's risk appetite, there are certain factors that depend on the applicant as well.

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How Can You Avoid Loan Rejection?

If you intend to apply for a loan in a couple of weeks from now, see these tips that will allow you to prepare in advance for potential drawback in the process.

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Increase Chances of Getting a Loan after Loan Rejection?

In case you've been recently rejected on your loan application, see these tips on how to improve your situation soon enough to qualify for another loan.

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What Are Your Options If You’ve Been Subject To Loan Rejection?

A loan denial is not the end of your financial life. See what options you have if you got rejected on a loan. Act carefully towards improving your financial situation!

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When Can I Apply for a Loan Again After Loan Rejection

While there are no restrictions on how many times you can apply for a loan in a certain period of time, you should act carefully before deciding to submit another loan application.

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Where To Apply For A Loan After Loan Rejection?

What's the next step after being rejected on a loan? Revising your money needs, borrowing from friends or family or looking, or searching for another lender who has lower standards?

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How Long Does A Loan Rejection Stay on Your Credit History?

Loan rejection will be reflected in your credit history, but happily for those who have been denied on a loan, it will not significantly impact the Credit Score. Find out more about that!

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Our Team of Experts is Here to Help

This section of our site is intended for those who experienced loan denial in the process of applying for a loan. Please feel free to address our experts any kind of questions related to surviving a loan rejection.

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