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Loan denial happens quite often, but when it happens to you, what do you do next? First of all, do not panic. A loan denial hurts at first, but it can also serve as an alert to a problem with your credit or your finances.

Think Again if You Really Need the Loan

The first step to take after your loan was rejected is to reassess whether you need the loan. While you may feel like you need to find an alternative like borrowing the money from relatives or friends, don't make any rushy decisions.

Ask Questions about Why Was the Application Rejected

Then try to find out why your loan application was rejected. Lenders will usually be happy to explain their decision, and they're required to disclose specific information, so nothing is stopping you from finding out.

Things to Do Before You Apply Again

Before you apply for another loan, ask yourself some questions. Look at your credit report the way lenders do. You are entitled to a copy after the rejection, so you should look for easily corrected items or errors and fix them immediately. You may need a more substantial down payment to get approval, or you may have to find a different lender, one who is less reluctant to low credit scores and who is willing to take a little extra risk for a somewhat higher APR.

In any case, unless your loan denial was a fluke or the product of a mistake, an examination of why you were denied should be treated as a learning tool, and we recommend you to take immediate actions to improve your financial situation and avoid any subsequent loan denials.

Financial Literacy Incentives
Financial Literacy is your own responsibility that needs to be taken care of with each decision impacting money matters. We strongly recommend you to benefit from each occasion that arises intended at helping you build your financial knowledge.