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The following reasons could have contributed to loan rejection:
Why Was Your Loan Rejected
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Employment Status - lenders look at your employment status to know how stable you are to repay. If your employment has some ups and downs, then that could be the source of your rejection.

Debt burden ratio - lenders may deny you a loan if you have a substantial debt burden. You don't qualify for a credit if your debt to income ratio is more than 43% of your salary.

Credit score - maybe you have a poor credit score. A bad credit score could be caused by defaulted loans or late payments.

Age - the standard eligible age for personal loan qualification is 21 to 65 years. You may not get a loan if your age is outside the age bracket.

False Information - lying on a loan application is a serious reason why a lender might reject your loan application.

Financial Literacy Incentives
Financial Literacy is your own responsibility that needs to be taken care of with each decision impacting money matters. We strongly recommend you to benefit from each occasion that arises intended at helping you build your financial knowledge.