Payday Loans. When You Need Cash Fast!

If you are simply trying to get by until your next paycheck hits the bank, then a payday loan is going to be of enormous help. Even if you are self-employed and waiting for a client to pay a bill, or you work 9-5 and just haven't got the funds to get you through until next payday, a payday loan is an option! Such short-term loans are designed for an emergency of some sort that you did not budget for, and it needs money to fix straight away!

Information A typical payday loan is a quick, short-term loan that gives you temporary financial assistance when you can't pay outstanding bills. A payday advance ranges from $100 - $1,000 and is meant to be paid back when your next paycheck goes in the bank. Lenders vary on their loan amounts and terms but most don't require collateral, paperwork and even faxing! Everything is done online in a matter of minutes!

Are you Eligible for a Payday Loan?

Payday loans eligibility Here’s what you need to apply for a loan online:

  • Valid Government-issued ID
  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Proof of income
  • An active bank account
  • A valid address

Note! If you cannot afford repayments for a payday advance, then it's best to look for alternate ways to solve your cash crisis. Also we don't offer payday loans for active military persons.

12M Loans Payday Loans Benefits!

Applying for payday loans with 12M Loans can be done at home or from the office. In fact, they can be done from your smartphone as our system requires no faxing of support documentation as there is no paperwork and it's optimized for mobile devices! We offer payday loans that are:

3x Fast

Fast approval, Fast processing, Fast funding!


Easy to get, Simple to use and Repay!


Outstanding customer support!

Safe and Secure

Safe & Secure online application only at 12M Loans!

You don't have to drive around from bank to bank. No standing in lines to be served and no waiting for long approval times. The lender requires some basic information about you such as your employment status and whether you have a bank account. Yes! That's easy, quick and convenient!

The Application Process

A payday loan application process

  • Apply for a payday loan online – takes a few minutes! The application form contains 3 easy steps!
  • Submit the application and await the decision from one of our direct lenders. It’s almost instant!
  • After approval, read the loan term and associated documents carefully! Make sure you are able to repay the loan.
  • If the conditions of the offer are suitable – sign the documents. There are no obligations to accept the offer.
  • Funds are electronically transferred to your account the next day, sometimes sooner depending on the application time and the lender.

Important Check all the details and make sure you know what happens if you are unable to pay back the loan fully on the due date. An extension of the loan terms may be granted and you are given more time, but that will end up costing you quite a bit more as time goes on. Payday advances, or payday loans online are short-term. The idea is to pay them off quickly and avoid further expenses and allowing the simple, quick loan becoming a long-term debt.

Good News What about your bad credit history? Our payday loans lenders don't run a traditional credit check and don't check credit history. You just need an active bank account into which your paycheck is usually deposited. The lenders will not charge any upfront fees and the terms of your loan contract will include the fees, the interest, and the repayment terms.

The State Laws and Regulations

You should know that each state has different lending rules with regard to regulations and the allowable loan amount and interest rates payable. There are some states who do not allow payday loans. Complete the form to check if you are eligible for a loan from one of our national direct lenders.

Genuine Lenders

The payday loans industry has been under scrutiny over the past few years. 12M Loans selected honest, reputable and genuine lenders, who are in the business of helping our customers in times of crisis.

Payday Loans Questions

How much can I borrow with 12M Loans payday loans?
This depends on the lender you got connected with. The amount can vary from state to state or lender to lender, but the maximum can be $1,000. Don’t borrow more than you need.
I have poor credit. Can I still get a payday loan?
The loan is based more on the ability to repay than previous credit problems you may have had. So, yes, if you have a job or other stable income, you will more than likely have the application approved!
What if I can’t repay the loan on time?
Always communicate with your lender. Don’t ignore the problem. The lender will usually extend the repayment date, but it will cost extra.
I don’t have a bank account. Will I still get a loan?
No. An active bank account is one of the basic loan requirements.

For more details contact our customer support or visit payday loans FAQ page.

Payday loans question and answers

Payday Loans! Apply For Cash Now!

Financial Implications
Residents of some states may not be eligible for short-term payday loans. 12M Loans does not make any credit decisions and does not guarantee any loan approval. Participating lenders may perform soft credit checks typically through alternative providers to determine creditworthiness and your ability to repay the loan. The short-term payday loan is not a long-term financial product. Late or missing payments, as well as non-payment, may result in extra fees or collection activities! Each direct lender has its own terms and conditions. Loan extension may not be available; please check lender’s renewal policy first.