The 12M Loans Guide to Responsible Lending

While 12M Loans is not a direct lender, we do everything in our power to promote responsible lending and borrowing practices. Our goal is to provide customers with funding which is fast, easy, convenient and safe. To that end, we partner only with lenders who follow fair and transparent practices, operating within the framework of the law.

Our Responsible Lending Policy

To help protect you, we require that all our lenders conform to the following:
Responsible Lending Practices

1The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act: Under this act, lenders may only exercise lawful means to try and collect on unpaid debts.

2The Fair Lending Act: This law stipulates that lenders may not discriminate against customers on the basis of race, age, gender, religion, creed, or other factors not relating to finances.

3The Truth in Lending Act: This act requires that lenders fully disclose all terms, rates, fees and interest in writing before you sign on a loan.

4State Laws: Each state has its own laws regarding loans. These laws stipulate how much money you can borrow, how much interest you can be charged, and so on.

Information! We only work with lenders who follow these laws to the letter for each state where a loan is administered and have the appropriate licensing required by that state.

Why 12M Loans Considers that Responsible Lending is Important

Apart from ensuring the regulatory compliance, lenders need to actually implement processes that stick to the Responsible Lending practices. How can that possibly impact you as a client? As a client who borrows money, you are exposed to several verifications. This is why all the following aspects are important to be implemented in the safest and most correct way:

  • Soft credit check and income verification: While there are lenders which do not run credit checks, we choose to work with those which run soft pull credit checks (credit checks which do not damage consumer credit), and also check income. We do this for your protection. It reduces the likelihood that you will be offered loans which you cannot afford.
  • Transparent and fair marketing practices: Misleading marketing and sales tactics abound in the financial sector. For this reason, we strive for the highest level of transparency with all of our marketing materials and activities.
  • Education on alternatives: In some cases, consumers are better served by long-term loan products than they are by short-term loan products. We seek to make visitors to our site aware of these alternative options. That way each customer can choose the most suitable loan product for his or her needs.
  • Clear explanation of the loan process: We want you to understand the entire loan process from start to finish before you apply. To that end, we provide a clear, detailed description of each of those steps for you on our site so you know exactly what to expect.
Information! At 12M Loans, you can also expect top-notch customer service at every turn. Anytime you need assistance or clarification on any part of the loan process, simply contact us and one of our friendly agents will help you.