Scholarship – Summer 2018

12M Loans Scholarship 2018


Treating our customers with care, and working with them in a friendly and transparent way is the right instrument to motivate and teach them to use their money correctly.

We truly believe that building financial literacy should start at an early age. And just because we strive to be better at what we are doing, at 12M Loans we are launching now a scholarship for students in order to contribute to their financial education, and further to a better, more financially-independent world.


We are proud to present to you our Winner, who stood out of the majority given his vision, ambitions, and desire to learn.

After a thorough analysis of all the submissions based on correctness, originality, quality of content, and applicability of suggestions the following candidates have been selected so far as Winners in our Scholarship Contest.

Meet our First Scholarship Winner – Edidem Ekpoudom!

Scholarship Winners

Scholarship Information

12M Loans will grant a quarterly $500 Scholarship to students for covering education costs. The Scholarship will be recurring, and we will award it four times a year.

Scholarship Eligibility

- At least eighteen (18) years old;
- Full-time or part-time enrolled in a U.S. school, college, professional, trade school or accredited university;
- U.S.A. citizen or resident;
- Having a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.8.

Scholarship Eligibility and Information

12M Loans 2018 Scholarship topics

Our Scholarship Topics

You should submit an original video or infographic accompanied by an essay in English of no less than 750 words. Your application should reflect one of the following topics:
- Student-Friendly Tips on Overcoming Money Insufficiency
- My Top-3 Financial Challenges Faced in College
- How to Cope With Overborrowing and Undersaving

Just Submit Your Application!

We are waiting for the applications (the link to the video or the infographic and the essay) at

All incoming e-mails should contain student’s contact information (name, date of birth, University, the city of residence, etc.), and the academic transcript for 2017 or the last semester.

The Deadline for submission is 06.30.2018.

Scholarship application

We Engage to

Analyze all incoming applications based on the criteria of correctness, originality, quality of content, and applicability of suggestions until 07.15.2018. We will announce the winner by e-mail within two weeks after deadline, requesting additional information to make the bank transfer.

Important Additional Aspects

- We will disqualify you if your work will be plagiarized, and will not comply with our requirements.
- We will not consider applications received after the deadline.
- If you send your application, you accept to make your name and photo public, in case of winning the scholarship or in case of qualifying as a finalist.
- In case of winning the scholarship or being selected as a finalist, we may post the work on our website without further notice.
- We do not apply any fees for taking part in our contest.

By applying for a 12M Loans Scholarship, you agree to the following terms and conditions:
Important details to consider

We Wish You Good Luck!

Spring 2018 Scholarship Contest Winner

Edidem Ekpoudom Photo Name: Edidem Christopher Ekpoudom
Institution: Clayton State University
Degree: Bachelor of Applied Science
Subject: Administrative Management
Graduation Year: 2022
Social Profiless:   facebook icon
Edidem has submitted an useful essay and an explicit video on “How to Build Healthy Borrowing Habits”.